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Air France and KLM further adjust commercial policy for flight cancellations


Air France and KLM have decided to further adjust their commercial policy for flight cancellations. Due to the latest developments on the global Covid-19 situation and the progressive lifting of the travel restrictions, Air France and KLM are gradually and carefully restoring their networks.

In case of flight cancellations made by Air France or KLM, customers will be able to choose between rebooking, a voucher or a cash refund whatever the cancellation date of their flight. Customers who already received a voucher and wish to opt for a cash refund, can do so.

The voucher policy will stay in place.

  • A travel voucher is valid for a future flight booking and the added value will be up to 15% – depending on the price of the new ticket and actual dates of booking and travel.
      • Customers who redeem their travel voucher for a new ticket with a higher total fare than the original voucher amount, will receive an added value from Air France and KLM of up to 15% of the voucher amount.
      • Customers who book a ticket with a total fare which is lower than the voucher value, will not receive the added value.

    1. The residual value in the latter case will of course still remain available in voucher form and be refundable on customer request if not used.

    2. The customer can use the vouchers to book tickets including purchasing additional products such as extra legroom seats and checked-in baggage allowance.

    3. The customer can choose a new destination for their rebooked trip. Air France and KLM are gradually and carefully restoring their network and this increases the choice of destinations available to book in the coming period.

    4. There will be no additional amount added to cash value of the voucher when it is refunded because it was not fully used.

    5. The additional amount is added the first time a customer uses the initial voucher. There will be no additional amount added to a new voucher issued for a remaining residual value.

    6. The vouchers are valid until the end of 2021. The additional value is applied if the ticket for the new trip is issued before 31 October 2020 for a new journey commencing before 15 June 2021.

    In view of the magnitude of this crisis and the number of cancellations, it will take longer than usual to process the transactions.

    Air France and KLM fully realise that these exceptional circumstances also have an impact on our customers and we thank them profoundly for all their patience and understanding.

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