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Armenia lifts visa requirements for Serbian citizens

Last updated on 30 January 2020


The Armenian government has adopted a decision to lift visa requirements for Serbian citizens.

The decision comes in response to a similar move by the Serbian side. On October 25, 2019, the Serbian government decided to unilaterally abolish the visa requirement for Armenian citizens holding ordinary passports, which entered into force on November 2, 2019.

Citizens of the Republic of Armenia can stay on the territory of the Republic of Serbia without a visa for a maximum of 90 days within 180 days or 180 days within 360 days.

Based on the principle of reciprocity, a decision was drafted to allow Serbian citizens to stay on the territory of the Republic of Armenia without entry visas for a maximum of 180 days within one year.

The visa requirement will be abolished 10 days after the official publication of this decision.

Addressing the government sitting, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan described the decision as “important” and voiced hope it would stimulate direct flights from Yerevan to Belgrade or other Serbian cities and from Belgrade to Gyumri, Yerevan and other cities.

“In general, the tendency to lift visa requirements with different countries is a very important direction of our foreign policy,” he said.

Source: Armenia Radio

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