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China to resume passport, visa issuance from Jan. 8, 2023


China will optimize immigration administration policies and measures starting from Jan. 8, 2023 in compliance with the country’s downgraded COVID-19 response measures.

The National Immigration Administration issued a notice on Tuesday, saying that the optimized policies and measures include the resumption of accepting and approval of Chinese citizens’ applications for ordinary passports for the purposes of tourism and visiting friends abroad starting from the date.

The administration will also resume the processing of endorsements for Chinese mainland residents to visit the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region for tourism and business purposes, as well as the issuance of exit-and-entry permits of the People’s Republic of China and exit-and-entry permits for border control areas, the notice said.

Services related to the application for ordinary visas, stay permits, and residence permits by foreigners will be resumed, the notice said, adding that expedited procedures may be applied for in case of urgent need.

The resumed services will also include the issuance of port visas, the implementation of the 24/72/144-hour visa-free transit policy, and the issuance of temporary entry permits, according to the notice.

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