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Estonia’s Interior Ministry seeking to introduce digital nomad visa


The Ministry of the Interior is seeking opinions on a bill of amendments to the Aliens Act according to which the rules for foreigners working in Estonia would be made more flexible and a so-called digital nomad visa would be introduced.

The digital nomad visa would allow people whose work is web-based and not location-dependent to work in Estonia, the ministry said on Monday.

“For instance, a digital nomad could be a person who works for a US company as a programmer while located in Estonia,” said Killu Vantsi, an adviser for the ministry’s Citizenship and Migration Policy Department. “As this person would only need a computer and internet access to work, it isn’t important where that person is located while working.”

While the current absence of such a visa does not mean that there are no digital nomads currently living and working in Estonia, many of them are currently staying in the country on a tourist visa, under which they should not be working while in the country. For longer stays, such people should find employers.

The amendments would also allow foreigners to temporarily work for several employers at once as well as change employers without having to reapply for a residence permit.


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