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Finnish Embassy Now Accepting Visa Applications for Unmarried Partners of Finnish Citizens and Residents

Last updated on 19 August 2020


In accordance with the Government decision, the amendments to the entry restrictions entered into force on 10 August 2020.

Insofar as external border control continues, the accepted criteria for entry are the return of persons living in Finland or in another EU or Schengen country and other essential reasons. As of 10 August, an established relationship is also considered an essential reason for entry on the basis of which a visa can be applied for.

Schengen visas can only be issued for short-term visits. The criteria for issuing visas have not changed. Those applying for a visa based on an established relationship must submit, in addition to the other supporting documents required, a written free-form explanation of the relationship.

Visa applications in exceptional cases will be accepted at the missions, subject to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Some Finnish missions cannot currently accept applications for entry permits either because of the local authorities’ regulations or restrictions or because of concerns for the health of customers and staff. The situation varies greatly from country to country and may improve or deteriorate rapidly.

Visa applicants may contact directly the Finnish missions responsible for entry permits in the country in which they reside. Country-specific arrangements for submitting visa applications can be found on the missions’ websites.

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