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Honduras Launches New Tourism Campaign to Attract International Tourists


The Honduras Institute of Tourism (IHT) has announced its newest tourism campaign that showcases the broad diversity of the country and all it offers international tourists to discover. Featuring a two-minute video that takes travelers on a journey to Honduras’ most beautiful treasures, the digital campaign intends to elevate brand awareness and educate potential travelers of the many curated experiences they can discover in the country.

Honduras Institute of Tourism

The campaign’s most notable asset, a video ideated and edited by the agency Saatchi & Saatchi, follows a young man named Henry who originally visits Honduras to dive in the country’s famous Bay Islands. His diving partner then introduces him to Honduras’ caves and Henry embarks on a non-stop journey throughout the country, realizing there is always more to discover.

He visits the country’s most emblematic landmarks and meets welcoming locals who then introduce him to his next Honduran destination. From enjoying freshly-brewed, Honduran grown coffee in Marcala and touring the Copán Ruins, to ziplining through La Campa and birdwatching in the Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve, Henry tries to do it all.

Finally, once aboard his flight back home and initially satisfied with the notion that he had explored all of Honduras, the flight attendant reminds Henry that there is more to see. He decides to stay in Honduras to experience it thoroughly, hence the title of the campaign “You Can’t Leave Honduras Without Really Knowing Honduras.”

“Our latest campaign is designed to globally showcase Honduras in all of its beauty and splendor. Our country boasts authentic experiences at every corner, and this video offers a visually compelling display of the unknown wonders waiting to be discovered by travelers,” said Honduras Institute of Tourism’s Minister-Director Emilio Silvestri. “We are confident that through this campaign we will continue to scale Honduras’ tourism sector, setting us further apart from other neighboring destinations.”

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