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How to Have a “White” Christmas in Texas


It’s been a long and strange year, but smaller cities and drive-destinations are having a moment as people look to explore their own backyard and the more unknown corners of America.

After being cooped up, you’re looking for places without wall to wall people, plenty of space to spread out, and room to breathe. Here are just a few reasons Beaumont in Southeast Texas is a “safe” bet if you’re looking to get away this holiday season. And it doesn’t hurt that “white” here means sand not snow!

It’s Patio Season Year-Round – None of this build a bubble and try not to freeze baloney. With December and January temps that average 60+ degrees, winter is actually the most enjoyable time to dine outside and get plenty messy, whether you grub down on our Cajun cuisine or go straight for the Tex Mex or BBQ.

Outdoors Sans Crowds – Unlike national parks that have essentially become outdoor theme parks, The Big Thicket is a national preserve, but even on the most popular trails, with 100,000+ acres, you likely won’t see another soul.

Parks in Texas require advanced reservations to limit capacity, and there are plenty of options for hiking, camping, biking, fishing, and paddling both on and off the grid. If you prefer water over woods, head to the Gulf and feel the sand between your toes, cast a line or spend a day sunning on shore.

Memorable for the Right ReasonsTexas gets a bad rap, but it’s so big it should really be treated like five different states. The spikes and stats you see in the news aren’t uniform across the board, they’re just hot spots in certain areas.

Southeast Texas is doing whatever it can to make you feel safe and socially distanced, and with uniquely memorable attractions like the world’s largest working fire hydrant, swimming with gators, swamp safaris, and food for days, a trip here is one the whole family can get behind. It’s small-town charm and southern hospitality at its finest.

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