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Summer Break 2019 Travel Tips: What to do, see, and eat in Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires never fails to surprise, combining its Italian and Spanish heritage with a touch of Latin American passion. This unique mix makes visiting Buenos Aires one of the most interesting travel summer adventures.

Argentina’s capital city offers a very wide variety of culinary and beverage offers. From traditional taverns, known as bodegones, to the trendiest restaurants in the southern cone, from exquisite wines to innovative cocktails to casual Fernet.

Buenos Aires has over 7000 bars and restaurants and a very strong culinary scene, including 10 of Latin America’s 50 best restaurants. Despite being the ‘meat capital of the world’, the city also has an expanding vegetarian scene and a wide range of international cuisine offers as a cosmopolitan city.

Together with steak, tango is considered a form of art in Argentina. This sensual and nostalgic musical rhythm, combines African sounds with local culture elements as well as European influences. But beyond tango, the Argentinian capital rivals Berlin in terms of its cutting-edge electronic scene, with internationally renowned house and techno DJs performing weekly.

“Porteños”—a person of the port—residents of the Buenos Aires, are night owls with parties starting at clubs well past midnight and ending after dawn. When it comes to beverages, Argentina is famous for Malbec, a wine varietal perfectly well with any “asado” or barbecue.

On the other hand, for those who want to experience the city’s more refined side, Buenos Aires, has become a top destination for cutting-edge mixology. Bars such as Tato Giovanni’s Florería Atlántico have led the capital’s long tradition of hidden bars.

While this one is tucked below an unsuspecting flower shop, many more can be found around the neighborhoods of Palermo and Recoleta in the most unexpected settings that stand out for their architecture, antiquity and historic relevance.

Enjoying a classic “cortado” or macchiato in the city’s notable coffees, such as the Café Tortoni, it is a mandatory ritual for both domestic and international visitors.

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