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VisaHQ Study Reveals The Terrible Truth About Applying for a Travel Visa


VisaHQ, the leading online visa and passport application solution, today announced the results of its first survey on visa application experiences. The company conducted an online survey of thousands of visa applicants throughout the first two weeks of June.

“Those living in North America and in Europe often forget the difficulty people go through when applying for visas,” says Alexander Yaroshenko, CEO, VisaHQ. “Our study highlights the hopes and joys associated with visas for many applicants, as well as the trauma and confusion that complex governmental processes can add to receiving these travel documents in a timely fashion, if at all.”

VisaHQ makes travel easier by eliminating the complexity of passport & visa management. VisaHQ’s technology automates the submission while its team of visa specialists guides and assist clients across the globe.

Study: All passports are not equal, Neither are Visas

Planning a last-minute weekend getaway to Paris may be a no-brainer for you. Others aren’t so lucky.

As a recent report by Henley & Partners: shows, if you have a passport from select Asian countries or one from an EU country, travel is easy for you. But if you hold an African one or a passport from countries with current or recent wars, the struggle is real!

Citizens of Singapore, Japan, and Germany enjoy the most travel freedom. They roll out of bed, hop on a plane, and can visit more than 188 countries without needing a visa beforehand. While those with an Afghan or Iraqi passport can do the same in only 30 countries. Sad!

No country enjoys visa-free travel to all 195 countries of the world.

Wanting to visit family in Canada? Do you need a Canadian tourist e-visa, or just a Canadian tourist visa (yes, they are two different things)? Or do you need an American airport transit visa because you have a flight layover in the USA? Maybe you don’t know if you need a Chinese business visa to attend business meetings in China.

A recent survey by VisaHQ revealed that travelers are puzzled. Fifty one percent of respondents claimed the thought of travel visas makes them happy or relaxed. While, 43% state it makes them feel confusedafraid of making a mistake, or bored with the governmental “red tape”.  The thought of having a travel visa instills happiness.  The thought of applying for a visa creates confusion, fear, and boredom. More happiness? Yes, please! More confusion? Yuck, no thanks.

Much like passports, visas are not created equally.

Trying to find information on governmental websites will often leave you more confused. Government websites are published in their official language. For example, you need to read and understand English for the US government’s website to be helpful. And then, there are over 30 types of US non-immigrant visas you need to sort through. Even if you find the correct American visa, the form is in English…you’re stuck in a vicious loop.

China has over 15 types of visas…but that doesn’t make it any less challenging. China’s visa requirements state that the application must be typed and preferably completed in CAPITAL LETTERS. Your application may be denied otherwise. Ouch!

Russia’s visa requirements include a need for an “invitation” and a cover letter. Bonus points if you knew you needed an invitation to visit Russia.

If thinking about this makes your head spin, it’s ok. The VisaHQ survey finds that you’re not alone. Most travelers are confused about how, when, and where to apply for a visa. It also showed people are relying on online processing companies, like VisaHQ, and online searches nearly 70% of the time to get information on visa requirements.

And wouldn’t it be awesome if you could complete visa applications through your smartphone? You said yes. And we agree! An app for your phone is in development. You’ll be able to apply for your visa while riding the train, sitting in the park, or waiting to see your doctor.

Traveling is stressful enough without having to worry about visa applications. You should be worried about what clothes to take and if you should visit Disney World and Disney Land in the same trip.

(Hint: Unless you really love Mickey Mouse, Disney World is waaaaaay better!).

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