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Welcome to Guangzhou: Inviting Tourists from Six Visa-free Countries


Guangzhou, renowned for its rich cultural heritage and modern marvels, extends a warm welcome to tourists from six new visa-free countries. Representing the vibrant spirit of the city, the Guangzhou Municipal Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau eagerly invites travelers from FranceGermanyItalythe NetherlandsSpain, and Malaysia to explore its diverse offerings.

China’s recent expansion of its visa-free travel policy aims to foster high-quality development and enhance cultural exchanges between Chinese and foreign citizens. This unilateral policy now includes tourists with ordinary passports from the mentioned countries, providing them with an opportunity to immerse themselves in Guangzhou’s beauty and charm.

Guangzhou reaffirms its commitment to welcoming global tourists, showcasing its cultural richness and hospitality.

Guangzhou: Striving Towards World-class Tourism

Guangzhou, with its year-round blooming flowers and captivating landscapes, is rapidly evolving into a world-class tourist destination. The city has witnessed remarkable growth in cultural tourism, welcoming 154 million tourists in the first three quarters of the year, marking a significant increase from the previous year. Total cultural tourism consumption has surged by 47%, reaching approximately RMB220 billion.

Embracing an open-up policy, Guangzhou aims to become a pivotal hub for inbound tourism, leveraging its extensive transportation network and rich historical culture spanning over 2,000 years.

Explore Guangzhou’s Unique Offerings

Guangzhou invites global tourists to indulge in its culinary delights, featuring authentic Cantonese cuisine such as Dim Sum, roasted goose, and herbal teas. The city’s floral landscape, earning it the title of the “City of Flowers,” offers breathtaking experiences in flower markets, gardens, and overpasses adorned with blossoms.

From iconic landmarks like Canton Tower to vibrant shopping districts and cultural performances, Guangzhou promises a memorable and enriching journey for visitors worldwide.

Guangzhou: A Vibrant Invitation

Guangzhou seamlessly blends tradition and innovation, radiating passion and vitality to offer tourists an unforgettable experience. The city extends a heartfelt invitation to explore its history, traditions, and prosperous future, ensuring every visitor leaves with cherished memories of their time in Guangzhou. Through the testimonials of global tourists, the world will come to appreciate the charm and allure of this dynamic city.

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