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100 must-see destinations in Beijing

Last updated on 25 November 2020


Beijing on Wednesday revealed a list of 100 must-see destinations for tourists and local residents alike in a bid to promote consumer spending.

The destinations are listed in seven categories including natural landscapes, cultural landscapes, museums, libraries, restaurants and retailers, as well as hotels.

The Qianmen street, Tongzhou’s forest park, and the Corner Tower Cafe at the Palace Museum were made to the list.

As part of the local campaign to boost spending, the ranking of the 100 destinations involved the participation of online voters. It attracted a total of 7.42 million votes, with the top-rated destination receiving nearly 120,000.

The listed locations feature Beijing’s local characteristics and cover restaurants, accommodations, tourism spots, shopping centers, and areas for entertainment.

The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism is working with Didi Chuxing, a car-hailing app, to provide tens of millions yuan in subsidies to local residents and tourists, aiming to make their trips to those destinations easier and more affordable.

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