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Africans Look to Dual Citizenship for Safety and Security


The coronavirus pandemic has struck southern Africa harder than any other region on the continent. With a new variant, tax hikes, and high crime rates, second citizenship firms like CS Global Partners have recorded an increase in inquiries from the continent.

A recent survey conducted by the advisory in Africa found that 37 percent of those considering second citizenship viewed safety and security as one of the primary reasons for seeking dual citizenship.

Although other paths to second citizenship like naturalisation and ancestry exist, citizenship by investment is the fastest and most efficient route for time-poor business people. The concept originated in 1984 in the Caribbean in the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis. The nation holds the ranking as the Platinum Standard in the investment immigration industry for its robust due diligence and application processing speed despite a pandemic.

CS Global Partners’ Jane Gordon, who is based in South Africa, said on a citizenship by investment podcast that when it comes to investing in a second citizenship, South Africans want a lifestyle they are already comfortable with. Citizenship by investment programmes like that of St Kitts and Nevis “feels like the perfect version of home where we don’t have the troubles that sometimes South Africans face.”

The need for business mobility also tied with safety and security as another driving factor for Africans seeking second citizenship. In a world where the notion of remote working is on the rise and likely a long-term trend, “you don’t have to be stuck in an office,” Gordon said. South Africans want the flexibility to chose where they work from, she added.

Currently, under the dual islands’ Sustainable Growth Fund, applicants can take advantage of an extended limited time offer. After passing the compulsory vetting process, for $150,000, a family of four can gain citizenship for life which grants visa-free and visa on arrival travel to 156 destinations, including major business hubs in Europe and Asia.

Applicants do not have to travel to St Kitts and Nevis to apply, nor is there a requirement to visit after. With second citizenship from St Kitts and Nevis, successful applicants can proudly say that they belong to a politically stable democratic nation that protects citizens’ rights.

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