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America’s Top 100 Best Cities to Work Remote in 2022

Last updated on 28 January 2022


Dwellics, the authority in U.S. City Data and personalized advice on where to move, today unveils the 2022 Report, Top 100: Best Cities to Work Remote in 2022.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the popularity of remote work has grown tremendously in the United States and around the world. Many workers see working from home as a significant improvement to their work/life balance, and it appears that most are not in a hurry to return to the office. In addition, the untethering of the workforce has led many to consider relocation to areas previously considered less desirable.

The report analyzes data on over 50,000 U.S. cities, focusing on the work necessity of high internet speeds, climate comfort, human safety (natural disaster risks, crime, water quality, cancer rates), infrastructure, and finance, including the cost of housing and income tax.

Texas takes the top honor on the list, scoring seven of the top twenty positions and seventeen of the top fifty. The top-ranked Texas cities to work remotely:

  • Sugar Land, Texas (#4)
  • Lakeway, Texas (#6)
  • Frisco, Texas (#7)
  • Murphy, Texas (#8)
  • Brushy Creek, Texas (#13)
  • Cedar Park, Texas (#15)
  • Helotes, Texas (#18)

Florida and Arizona also rank high on the list of states with the best cities to work remotely, placing thirteen and ten communities on the list, respectively. Texas and Florida do not have a state income tax for individuals. While Arizona does, some regard it as being among the most tax-friendly states, which could partly explain why these three states represent forty percent of the communities in the report.

Surprisingly, California barely makes an appearance on the list. The technology hub of the Silicon Valley, made up of more than 40 cities and municipalities, is represented only by Davis, suggesting that the notoriously high cost of housing in the area could be another factor driving remote workers to other areas of the country. In addition, a recent rise in smash and grab crimes and other violence in the state could be another additional factor contributing to current migration trends.

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