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Belarus extends visa-free entry to 30 days


Belarus has extended the visa-free entry period to 30 days provided foreign nationals cross the border at the Minsk National Airport. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko signed the corresponding decree on 24 July, BelTA learned from the presidential press service.

The document has updated the list of states whose citizens are entitled to the visa-free regime. It leaves out the countries with which Belarus has concluded bilateral agreements on mutual abolition of visas.

A valid passport or other document permitting foreign travels, money (equivalent to at least two base amounts for each day of stay in the foreign currency or Belarusian rubles), medical insurance in the amount of at least €10,000 operational in Belarus will be needed for the visa-free entry.

Citizens of Vietnam, Haiti, Gambia, India, Lebanon, Namibia and Samoa should also have a valid multi-visa to the EU states or the Schengen Area with a mark confirming the entry to their territory, plane tickets with a confirmation of the departure from the Minsk National Airport within 30 days after the date of the entry.

Regarding Chinese citizens the visa waiver procedure will be applied in Belarus until 10 August 2018 until the bilateral agreement on mutual visa abolition for holders of ordinary passports.

The visa-free access rules do not apply to persons arriving in Belarus from Russia by air and also those flying to Russian airports. These are internal flights, with no border controls.

Visa-free entry does not also apply to foreigners coming to Belarus to work, do business, or study, if the period of activity exceeds 30 days.

The visa-free stay starts on the day of arrival and finishes on the day of departure (regardless the time of arrival and departure). The visa-free stay cannot be extended beyond 30 days.

Foreign citizens who plan to spend more than five business days in Belarus should register with the internal affairs bodies at the address they are staying. If foreign visitors stay in a hotel, hostel, health resort or other facility of collective accommodation, then the management of the above-mentioned facilities shall be responsible for the registration with the internal affairs bodies.

The decree is intended to contribute to the further development of the Belarusian tourist industry, to promote Belarus’ spa and medical tourism, to stimulate the development of the national economy, to facilitate the inclusion of Belarus into the world economy, to strengthen its position as a convenient venue for international forums, conferences, festivals, sporting events.

The document shall enter into force after its official publication.


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