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Beware of Work Visa Scams Targeting Bangladesh Nationals


The British High Commission, Dhaka is seeing an increase in online employment scams targeting Bangladesh nationals. People fall victim to these scams when they receive false offers of employment in the UK from websites and e-mail addresses for jobs that do not exist.

The scammers provide the victims with multiple false documents, including some they claim are issued by the Home Office and other UK government departments, which is untrue. They ask the victims to make payments to secure their “work permit” and “visa application”, but this information is false.

Fraudsters may advertise overseas employment through different job websites or contact potential victims directly.

Typical tactics include

  1. Setting up fictitious job offers using details of UK businesses who are not actually offering any employment;
  2. Using fictitious telephone numbers, names of officials and email addresses that may appear official but are not;
  3. Asking for a registration fee to secure a work permit and UK visa. There is no such thing as an ‘employee registration fee’ in relation to UK visas.

To obtain a UK visa you should NOT be

  1. Asked to deposit any payment prior to making a visa application. The correct entry clearance application process can be found at website;
  2. Asked to send your personal documents, e.g. certificates, bank details, professional details to anyone claiming to be from the Home Office or United Kingdom Visas & Immigration;
  3. Offered a job which includes obtaining a UK work permit and visa. A genuine employer would direct you to the official GOV.UK website, where you make an official visa application.

If you receive any suspicious emails or other communication from someone claiming to be from the Home Office and requesting personal information; please report them to your nearest local police station.

You can also Report an immigration (visa) or customs crime here. You can submit information anonymously or you can give us your name and address if you wish. We will treat any information you give us as confidential. Answer the questions as fully as you can but do not put yourself at risk by trying to find out more information.

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