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Denmark to introduce Covid-19 vaccine passport


The Danish Ministry of Health is working on introducing a covid-19 vaccine passport, which will be launched in early 2021.

The Danish vaccine passport will be a ‘self-print’ solution on, the unified Danish eHealth Portal and will look identical to the test pass already obtainable at

It is expected that there may be requirements from other countries for the presentation of vaccine documentation upon entry and the Covid-19 vaccine passport is therefore intended to help Danish travelers.

The Danish Ministry of Health informs DR Nyheder that the development of a covid-19 vaccine passport will continue as more information about the vaccines becomes available, for example how long the vaccines are comprehensive.

Airlines and the event industry are relieved as the Ministry of Health works towards an early 2021 launch of the Covid-19 vaccine passport.

Michael Svane, industry director of The Danish Transport Federation works daily with the aviation industry and believes that the Danish vaccine passport is a nice step on the way to a more open society.

He says that a vaccine passport is a way for everyone to put the restrictions behind them and start traveling to a much greater extent. He hopes that international solutions will be developed to ensure that the vaccine passport is approved worldwide.

Source: DR Nyheder

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