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Holland: Schiphol Airport to Compensate Travelers for Missed Flights

Last updated on 13 August 2022


Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport Holland, one of Europe’s busiest airport by passenger numbers, has agreed to compensate travelers who missed flights as a result of staff shortages that have thrown the airport into chaos for months.

Schiphol Airport press release (Thursday August 11, 2022).

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol will introduce a scheme for passengers who were at the airport on time between 23 April 2022 and 11 August 2022, but missed their flight due to an exceptional waiting time at security control.

The airport has approached Ombudsman MAX and the Dutch Consumers’ Association to discuss how Schiphol can accommodate these people. The temporary scheme has been developed collaboration with them. Travellers who incurred costs during the aforementioned period because they missed their flight due to a long security control queue can submit a compensation request to the airport until 30 September.

Travellers can apply for compensation for costs incurred to rebook a flight or for a replacement flight, for alternative transport if they have chosen to travel to a destination by other means, or for extra travel costs incurred to travel to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol or another airport. Travellers can also claim accommodation costs at or near Schiphol and the expenses for non-cancellable accommodation, transport or activities at their destination.

A lot of people have really been looking forward to their holidays abroad, especially after two years of COVID. We’re extremely sorry that some people have missed their flight due to the long security control queue. They’ve had to miss out on all or part of their holiday, and we really sympathise with them. The broadcast of MAX Vakantieman and the appeal made by the Consumers’ Association has underscored this sentiment. During these special times and circumstances, we must not let these people fall through the cracks.

CEO Dick Benschop of Schiphol

Jeanine Janssen of MAX Ombudsman, states the following about this: I’m glad that Schiphol is taking its responsibility towards the consumer. We’re proud to have been able to contribute toward this solution through our action. The trial process is now over, as people are being compensated.’

Sandra Molenaar, director of the Consumers’s Association, is pleased with the arrangement: ‘We investigated the possibility of a mass claim and then entered into discussions with Schiphol. Our joint efforts have resulted in this arrangement, which has helped a large group of consumers.’ 

Passengers wishing to submit a compensation request to Schiphol can complete the form for this at: Schiphol will assess any requests received on the basis of the terms and conditions that have been drawn up. Travellers who have already submitted a claim at Schiphol do not have to do so again.

Recently, Schiphol had worked hard on the Summer Action Plan, which focuses on attracting staff and making working at Schiphol more attractive, improving the processes at the airport and focusing on the number of passengers and flights that can be processed.

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