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Maltese Islands now welcoming EU tourists


As more EU Citizens are becoming fully vaccinated against the Coronavirus, travel restrictions around Europe are beginning to ease. Malta is proud to be considered one of the safest summer destinations in Europe, having reached herd immunity (with over 80% of adults vaccinated) and hopes to safely welcome EU tourists this summer.

Several hotels in the Maltese Islands are offering financial incentives through the Free Independent Travelers (FIT) program. The financial incentive ranges from 100 to 200 euro per person and can be spent on services within the hotel property. The complete offering can be found under this link.

“All our decisions strive to find a balance and give priority to the health of Maltese citizens and the tourists who will come into our country,” said tourism and consumer protection minister Clayton Bartolo in the latest press release.

Travel Advice Update (EU Countries)

  • Mask wearing on beaches and pools is advised but no longer required, while a maximum of 2 people may remove their masks in outside public spaces if they have been vaccinated and they have an official vaccination certificate.
  • Beach Bars, Cafes, Restaurants and culture clubs are open and can host up to six people per table, discos and nightclubs are closed.
  • No quarantine or other restrictions apply for fully vaccinated tourists coming from the EU, while unvaccinated tourists from the same countries must go through a mandatory quarantine. For the latest updates be sure to check out the COVID-19 info page.

Why visit Malta?

Located about 50 miles south of Sicily, Malta is a small archipelago that boasts a Mediterranean climate with over 300 sunny days per year and a top-ranked healthcare system. It is the perfect location for tourism with a primarily English-speaking population, shown by its growing popularity year on year.

There are many stunning beaches to choose from, not only for swimming but also for water sports and diving, including the Blue Lagoon, Paradise Bay, and Golden Bay.

Diving around the Maltese Islands is a real joy and there are several caves, wrecks, walls, and reefs to explore. Offering a wide choice of shore and boat dives at varying depths, there’s something to suit divers of all abilities, such as swimming with large groupers, dentex and barracudas at Reqqa Reef in Gozo or exploring the fascinating cave systems at Santa Maria Caves in Comino.

The tiny island is known as a champion of LGBT+ rights. Malta’s strong equality laws have seen it top the Rainbow Europe list for the last five years in a row.


More than 18 operators are flying to Malta, including AirMalta. For the best prices, choose your dates and check out their booking page.

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