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Storylines Answers How Do We Cruise Now?


With every destination on the planet having experienced travel restrictions this year, the global cruise industry is amongst the hardest hit travel-sectors.

Storylines is selling apartments on a five-star, custom-built cruise ship. Allowing residents to discover the world by day, and sleep in their own beds at night.

Currently, there are a small number of cruises in regions such as the Mediterranean and the Baltic Sea are attempting new interim solutions such as creating “cruise bubbles. Said bubbles operate at 50 to 70% occupancy, with onboard social distancing practices and shore discovery available only on guided tours booked directly with the cruise itself.

This has already led to the Italian ship MSC Grandiosa denying a family re-embarkation after they left the guided tour in Naples, in breach of their Covid-19 protocols. 

What follows is a likely road map as we look ahead.

During the next year, cruise travel can be expected to move from crowded, city excursions to offering the experience of connecting to nature and wildlife, as well as more niche expeditions to previously unexplored regions and uninhabited islands.

From 2022 and onwards, the impact from Covid-19 should lessen as a result of improved protocols, testing, and health infrastructure along with transmission decreases due to a gradual build-up of immunity from recovered patients and potential vaccines.

Three years out, in 2023, Covid-19 may still be around but is more likely to be isolated to regions or specific countries.

Heading into 2024 and onwards, many experts agree most interim solutions are likely no longer to be necessary, however, cruises may learn to prefer more niche experiences than rushed city tours prevalent in the industry before now.

An innovative company, Storylines, is preparing for such a future of luxury travel in creating a safe environment to live and cruise, using every technology, and protocol available now and those developed in next three years haven for its residents as a crucial feature of the company’s forward-thinking concept. Storylines CEO Alister Punton says, “With a little forethought, innovation, and smartly implemented protocols, our lifestyle won’t be limited to locked down cities or wearing masks aboard.”

Storylines intends to address your health from every aspect, from sanitation, to nutrition, keeping you engaged, healthier, happier. From the sunshine’s Vitamin D, from the emotional engagement with the onboard community and cultural stimulation, Storylines aims to enable residents to live, healthier, happier lives.

To do so, Storylines’ Dr. Brian Martin leads a holistic medical approach with assistance from top environmental engineers and sustainability officers. In addition to the hospital facilities of a small city, Storylines has introduced industry-leading health protocols and advanced sanitation equipment, including HEPA air filtration, UV sanitization, and stay-clean surfaces throughout. Collectively these approaches are designed to protect residents in their floating home more than modern big-city life.

Storylines CEO Alister Punton says, “Storylines residents’ life aboard is similar to a gated community.  High-risk activities such as buffets have been replaced with 20 unique restaurants, passenger density at just 40% of a typical cruise ship, and as a residential ship, there is little turnover of passengers and crew. That combined with total control over what goes on and off the ship, the threat of Covid-19 exposure is greatly minimized or eliminated – allowing for safe cruising amongst a healthy, active community.”

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