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Vaccination Exception Program for Hawaii-bound Travelers Vaccinated in U.S., Territories


The state is finalizing preparations for the July 8 launch of the State of Hawaii’s vaccination exception program for domestic, Hawaii-bound travelers vaccinated in the United States or U.S Territories. The program allows these travelers to bypass the state’s quarantine requirement with proof of vaccination.

Travelers vaccinated in the U.S. or U.S. Territories may participate in the exception program starting on the 15th day after their second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine — or starting the 15th day after they’ve received a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

In addition, Hawaii-bound travelers should:

  • Upload one of three vaccination documents to their Safe Travels Hawaii account, prior to traveling to Hawai’i. One of the following documents must be uploaded:
    • A CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card
    • VAMS (Vaccination Administration Management System) printout OR
    • DOD DD Form 2766C

The Safe Travels digital platform is now allowing vaccine document uploads for trips arriving in Hawaii on July 8 and beyond.

  • Sign the online legal attestations on Safe Travels Hawaii, confirming the uploaded documentation is true and accurate.
  • Bring a hard copy of their vaccination documentation to show screeners at the gate prior to boarding and/or upon arrival in Hawaii. Screeners will review/verify the vaccination documents, match photo IDs, name and DOB as well as confirm that the attestations are signed.

NOTE: Children under 5 years old are not required to test and will not be quarantined if traveling with an adult who has a pre-travel test exception or a vaccination exception. Children 5 years and older who have not been vaccinated must participate in the Pre-Travel Testing Program and test with a Trusted Testing Partner to bypass the mandatory 10-day quarantine.

The state successfully launched the vaccination exception program for travelers vaccinated in the State of Hawaii, on June 15.

This program does not cover international travelers.

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